Yes We Care Inc. provides financial support to strengthen the capacity for local, service-providing organizations to better serve more people.  Grants are made to eligible organizations in the community.Our corporation funds programs in the areas of education; health and human services-especially youth development, housing; arts and culture; and community development.


Applicants will be advised as to the appropriateness of requests based on current corporate priorities.  The Executive Director reviews all completed requests. Contacting

Board members to discuss requests is viewed negatively and is discouraged.


Our “Not for Profit Corporation” funds capital requests , generating operating requests including event sponsorships , project requests and other assistance.  Grants are only made to 501 c3 organizations operated for charitable or educational purposes.  We are

Required to verify tax exempt status. If needed please contact us for a copy of a form letter to request a copy of your Letter of Determination from the IRS.


Requests over $5,000 must be submitted using the Yes We Care Inc. Grant Application, following the proposal format and including the supporting documents listed.  Please submit one (1) copy of the proposal and other supporting documents.


Requests $5,000 and under can be in the form of a letter accompanied by the Signed “Request for Grant “form. 


Site visits are made to organizations with proposals to be considered by the Board.For

approved grants, a report is required at the close of a year of funding.  Click here for a copy of the report.


Proposals are reviewed throughout the year.  Board meetings are usually held every quarter.  Proposals should be submitted two months before the board meeting   Contact the foundation to obtain an application.  Click here to get the Grant Application from our website.